Just A Few Seconds

Holly and I were checking out of a grocery store last night towards the end of a date. Grocery shopping during a date, right?! It was just a stop for one item on our way home. 

The store was busy and the checkers were moving quickly. The cashier asked how we were doing and almost immediately stated how much we owed. We swiped the our checking card and almost as quickly as I could put my card back in my wallet, were given our receipt and wished a good evening… 

Not much time for getting to know one another, but just enough time to place the message of the Gospel of Jesus in her hand and encourage her to visit a Bible study website online. 

…As we took our receipt I said, “I’d like to share this with you. That is a good Bible study website. God bless you.” 

Will anything come of it. We may never know on her part, but you can be sure it affected us positively, and an introduction to the Gospel and avenues to act upon its message were shared. The card we shared also contained contact information for us and an written invitation to call us for personal Bible study. 

“I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.” 1 Corinthians 3:6

It may not have been much, but it has much more potential for blessing the soul than nothing! 

Do what you can and let God do what He can with it. 



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