Church Building Parking Lots And Evangelism?

A recent encounter, turned one congregation’s parking lot into an evangelistic tool. 

Last night minutes before meeting with the Anaheim brethren at their building for an Evangelistic Fellowship, as I was pulling into the parking lot, I spotted a couple of skateboarders kicking their boards around in the parking. As cars began coming in, the skaters started packing up. As I parked I hollered over a “Hi” to them. They returned the “Hi” and I walked over and began talking to them about skating, Bible study and the gospel of Jesus. Both had been exposed to Christianity but only one, Alfonso (18yrs) was still engaged in it on some level. The young man who was not engaged in spiritual things, Albert (17yrs), said he struggled with whether there was really any true value to it all or not. He volunteered that he goes back and forth on whether the Bible is from God or not. 

I had to get into the building to lead the fellowship and our immediate activities were not, in my mind, going to be very helpful to them, so I did not invite them to join us. We did however exchange contact information. Both were open to a phone call, but Alfonso also expressed interest in getting together for personal Bible study. Time was to short to schedule the study right then, as I was already five minutes late to the fellowship, but Lord willing I will get Alfonso called within the next couple of days. 

Before the conversation ended, we all three expressed interest in getting together in the church’s parking lot to skate together, if not more often, than at least Thursdays before Anaheim’s meetings. Whether we will get together to skate or not, well just have to see, but I’m game.

In Anaheim’s case, the church’s parking lot became a helpful instrument in leading to two more souls to hear the gospel invitation! 

What could churches use their parking lots for to reach the lost for Christ? What can you do?


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