Handy Man Soil

Last night a sister of the Anaheim congregation shared that she went outside of her comfort zone and spoke with a handy man she and her husband had over fixing a garbage disposal!

She said she asked him if he went to church to which he replied in the affirmative. She also asked him if he had been baptized to which he also responded in the affirmative. He shared that he had been raised Catholic but left them and is now part of a non-Catholic Christian fellowship. He said that in this fellowship he has learned a love for reading the Bible for which the sister praised him and encouraged him to continue reading. 

Before leaving, the handy man thanked this sister for asking him about his faith. 

The man is scheduled to return for a visit to fix another item in this sister’s house. She is wondering what else she might be able to say to him on that visit! Open ended spiritual questions that find an answer in scripture were suggested to her.

I have withheld the sister’s name, because I have not asked if she is OK with it being posted. 

What moved this sister to go out of her comfort zone to address this man? She said it was all the talk the Anaheim brethren have been engaged in lately. 

If you want to be more evangelistic and to encourage your brethren to increase their efforts too, talk to each other about the opportunities God gives you to share Him with others, what you did with them and anything you observe as results, in you or with those you spoke to. 


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