Ace Is The Place!

About a month ago I posted a Facebook post titled “Ace Is The Place For the Helpful Hardware Man And Soul Seeker” or something along those lines. In that post I described the interaction I had with one of the cashiers on my way out the door after shopping there.

In short, as I was checking out I asked the clerk if she studied the Bible and she said she had just begun to with her boyfriend. I shared my card with her on that visit and invited her consider a personal study. Upon a subsequent visit I shared the Open Bible Study with her and invited her once again to a personal study. She declined the study but desired to view the OBS material. A third visit to Ace resulted in her requesting OBS materials to give to her boyfriend in jail to study with five others there. After that contact I did not see her at the store upon my visits the next few weeks and my phone call and email went unanswered by her. I began thinking maybe she was no longer interested.

Last Friday upon entering Ace to do some more shopping, she (Rubi) caught my attention and asked if I was the guy who talked with her about Bible study! I asked if her boyfriend was still had interest in OBS materials. She said he had recently been deported to his home country. I asked if she would be interested in continuing the studying her boyfriend had begun with her. She answered yes and scheduled a personal study with me the second week of May! Sandra Norris of the Anaheim assembly plans to join me for this study with Rubi.

Turns out, Ace is the place for the helpful hardware man and the patiently persistent soul seeker!

Have you got any “Ace Hardware” stores near you? Share your love for God with one of the workers there and see what God will do with your effort!

“As you go into the world, make disciples…” Mat. 28:19,20


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