Unexpected Opportunities!

Anaheim sister Janice Shelton and I went out to followup on three contacts made in an effort two months prior. All three people declined a personal study on initial contact but desired to consider the study materials we presented on their own. At Anaheim, we refer to these as “Self Study” contacts.

None of the three contacts we went out to see were home when Janice and I visited, though we did meet two of their spouses and one contact’s mother and sister. Interaction with all four of these new people was positive though the wife and husband of the two contacts did not show any interest in studying with us themselves. The mother and sister of the third contact however were searching.

As we spoke to Mary (mother) and Cindy (sister) we learned that they were both searching for a church home! Mary commented that she thought Christians need to do more door knocking and she was glad we had come. Neither accepted our invitation to a personal study though they did show interest in the Open Bible Study materials we presented. Cindy also showed particular interest in the World Bible School online study we shared on my personal card. As a matter of fact, Cindy had signed up and completed one WBS online lesson by that afternoon! I am now Cindy’s WBS student helper (teacher).

Both said they planned on visiting the Anaheim assembly, and did the second Sunday following our initial contact! Both indicated afterward that they planned on continuing to assemble with Anaheim and to bring other family also!

Before the initial contact with these two ladies ended, I led a prayer with them and included requests they had made.

All of this came about as a result of follow up with three contacts that we did not even get to see! Let’s keep our eyes open for unexpected opportunities to share God with others.


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