The Gospel 3D!

Yesterday a new convert (William Kheirandish) and I met to have him train me in Bible study software he introduced me to recently. We met at McDonald’s for convenience sake. The same McDonald’s that we originally met at which led to his conversion.

At one point in our discussion I overheard a man sitting at a table near us say, “There is only one Bible.”  I turned and said that’s right. One Bible but many translations. This sparked a conversation that led to the discussion and study of a number of scriptures. Initially in answer to questions he posed and then as a result to my redirection toward the gospel.I asked a some point if he though he was saved and he said he did not think so. William and I studied scriptures with this man that present the gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end asked if he believed these things. He said that he did. We asked if he was willing to obey them by being baptized right then. He said he thought he should consider it further.

William and I scheduled a study with the man, Anthony, for the following Wednesday!

You know the boxes theaters have you put your 3D glasses in after a movie? I turns out that Anthony works for a company that processes those glasses. Oh, a word for the wise. If you wear prescription glasses under your 3D glasses, be careful. Anthony says they end up returning lots of glasses to theaters that have been dropped in the box with the 3D ones!

How about a stop at McDonald’s soon to see who God might have waiting there for you to study with.

God bless you.


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