Did you hear what I heard?

Last Tuesday Janice Shelton and Andrea Stundtner of the Anaheim church, met at Carl’s Junior for a Community Outreach Study. While studying lesson two of Fisher’s of Men’s “Search For Truth” materials, a fellow Carl’s Junior patron sat down behind them. The man mentioned something to them about their study, but I do not recall what. Janice responded by inviting him to sit with them and join the study, showing him the invitation they had written on a napkin. He said he’d rather not join, but was interested in listening in. They gave him a copy of the lesson they were studying and continued their study.

As the man finished the meal and got up to leave, Janice invited him to join their Tuesday studies at Carl’s Junior. He suggested that he may do that.

Janice and I met at Carl’s Junior today and did not see the man. If the Lord will’s we’ll continue our practice of meeting their weekly for study. Maybe we’ll see him again.

That makes two contacts at that Carl’s Junior voicing interest in Bible study with us in just over two months of meeting there! We are only on lesson two of sixteen. Who else might we meet? Only God knows how many people we’ve affected in some spiritually positive way. To God be the Glory!

Do you frequent any eateries? What could God do with you there for some soul’s sake?

Let’s remember that the word of God is the seed of the Kingdom and it is the gospel that is the power of God unto salvation. Our example as Christians is important, but sharing the message of Jesus is what can save. Are you sharing it?

Do what you can. Be open to doing more. Trust the Lord to use you effectively in His work of saving others!


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