California Prospecting

Though the California gold rush is long past, there is still much prospecting to do in California – prospecting for souls! Anaheim brethren are realizing this and are actively seeking to stake soul mining claims in Jesus name!

Just last night, sister Della Murray, whom I mentioned in a previous post, shared that she went outside of her comfort zone again to reach out to one of Anaheim’s souls! Della sought to stake a Bible study claim with a handy man she had previously initiated spiritual conversation with while working in her home. Their first interchange about God occurred because she realized the spiritual opportunity in having a someone working in her home. As I shared in a previous post, Della did what she would not have normally done by asking this man and subsequently his girlfriend who was waiting on him outside in his vehicle, about their religious beliefs. In his second visit to the house for work, Della spoke with him about the faith, sharing printed materials about living for God and identifying Christ’s church in the world. I believe this latest exchange took place over the phone after Della was encouraged, along with other brethren, to make the most of contacts they’ve previously made by following up on them with invitation to personal Bible study. The handy man declined the personal study but thanked the sister for following up.

Also, last Friday after a Bible study with new convert William Kheirandish, David Norris and Janice Shelton followed up on a contact Janice and I initially made door knocking back in early February, Benny (female). We’ve had a couple of interchanges with Benny since first meeting her, but were never able to get a personal soul mining claim (personal Bible study) established. This latest attempt however, yielded a study scheduled for June 5th! Interestingly enough, we’ve just learned that David and Benny will also be working a general election polling place together at the Anaheim meeting house this Thursday.

Speaking of polling place. Being a polling assistant for this Thursday’s California elections at the Anaheim meeting house, David Norris is preparing a Bible tracts display for visiting voters. There are not currently any tracks being displayed at the Anaheim meeting house, but David, seeing the opportunity has taken the initiative to prospect for souls, with the help of tracts, at this political event.

And finally, Duane Shelton and I went prospecting four souls in them there Californi hills, last Friday, canvassing door to door. From 1:40-3:40 PM we knocked on twenty-eight doors, found eight people home, gave out three personal cards, conducted three mini Bible studies at the door, left one Open Bible Study lesson for self study upon request, scheduled one personal Bible study for June 2nd and enjoyed the rich fellowship of brethren working for the Lord together! It was a good day and one Duane is eager to repeat.

The California gold rush has died out, but the California souls rush seems to be gaining steam! God help the California church recognize the potential of spiritual wealth lying yet unclaimed in her hills. Empower us to stake our claims for Jesus, bringing the lost to you through Him.

How rich are your communities in souls! I suspect that the “soul rush” is not just a California thing. I suspect, no I know, there are souls to be claimed for Jesus where you live too! Join in, in the prospecting, the rewards for God, them and you are worth it!

Please pray for brethren’s efforts.


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