Two tacos, a water and three souls…



Tuesday May 27th at 2PM Andrea Stundtner, Janice Shelton and I met at an Anaheim, CA Carl’s Junior/Green Burrito for a Public Outreach Bible Study. While ordering two tacos and a water before our study, I asked the cashier, Jackie, if she studied the Bible. She said no, but that her brother does and she would like to. Jackie said she had been seeing the invitation sign we put on the table during our studies, but did not feel like she could take the time to say anything to us while working. I invited her to a personal Bible study. She said she is interested but did not know where she could find time with work. I gave her my card and encouraged her to find time to call me and schedule a study. I also introduced her to the online Bible study site at the bottom of my card. We’ll likely keep seeing her during our studies there. Please pray for these interactions.

Just before sitting down, Andrea bumped into an old friend in the restaurant and invited him to join our study. His name is Tom. He had a small child and was unable to as he was preparing to leave. Andrea exchanged up to date contact information and encouraged him to connect with us another time for study. I was introduced and encouraged him to get together with us and study also. I gave him my card and he left.

As the sisters and I wrapped up our study a man hollered at us from across the room. I went over, sat down in his booth and began talking with him. We talked about faith and the Bible. It became apparent pretty quickly however that he was drunk. None the less, I continued speaking with him because he seemed to have some capacity to reason. He invited me to join him for more discussion across the street from Carl’s Junior, where he has lived in the parking lot of an abandoned restaurant for years. His name was James. For the next hour and a half we discussed salvation and God’s plan for mankind. I asked James if he wanted for himself what God wanted for him. He said yes. We discussed getting him help for his alcoholism…I will continue James’s story in my next post.

Interesting day in the Lord.

How’d your day go? Anyone cross your path whom you could have or did share the message of Jesus with? Find a fellow believer and share the story with them. It will help them to be aware of the souls around them and encourage them to engage people with the message of Jesus.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16.




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