Follow up!

On Wednesday evening of this week Duane Shelton of the Anaheim congregation and I followed up on four contacts that stem back as far as February of this year.

Back in February, two contacts Anaheim made while canvasing door to door for personal Bible studies, were unsure of the existence of God or inspiration of the Bible. There had been some contact with these two men since February by phone, encouraging them to consider evidences for the existence of God and inspiration of the Bible. Neither were interested in meeting to study these topics with us. Both expressed interest in looking at material on their own. I encouraged them each to look up Apologetics Press online –  Neither of these were found home upon our follow up visit. We left an Apologetics Press bookmark with the title, “Christian Evidences References” on their doors with one of my personal cards.

A woman met in February had said she had no exposure to Bible study, but did want to go to heaven. In that first meeting, she suggested that she’d have to check with her mother, whom she lived with, about scheduling a personal Bible study. I attempted to call her a couple of weeks after that first meeting but found that I had a bogus number. It was only Wednesday that I made it back to her house. This visit resulted in a correction of the number we had for her and in her reaffirming interest in personal Bible study. She asked to be called back Friday (today) about scheduling a study. At this writing, I’ve not yet attempted to call her back. 

We found the fourth contact we attempted to make home. This contact had originally been made as a result of a referral by a mother-in-law. Janice Shelton, Pamela Hernandez and I met a mostly Spanish speaking woman by the name of Rebecca while canvasing door to door. Though the communication was difficult, being hindered by the language barrier, Rebecca came to understand our intentions. Once she realized why we were at her door, Rebecca shared her daughter and son-in-law’s number, suggesting they would probably be interested in a study. I called the daughter and ended up speaking with the son-in-law who suggested that he and his wife and mother-in-law would be interested in a personal Bible study. They were to work out a schedule and get back with me. Long story short, upon Duane and my follow up visit this past Wednesday we caught up with the son-in-law, Agustine (Agi). Agi confirmed interest in scheduling a study with us and said he’d call back with their availability Thursday night, which he did. Agi said his message on my answering machine that he and his wife and his sister and mother-in-law were all interested in scheduling a study for June 6th!

Duane and I considered this follow up work fruitful. 

A week ago, sister Della Murry of the Anaheim church shared with me that discussion in our Evangelistic Fellowship meeting about follow up, prompted her to follow up with her handy man. Some time back, Della went outside of her comfort zone and spoke with a handy man, working in her house, about faith, baptism, Bible study and church assembly. She also gave him some study articles she had in a notebook at her house. The man received her well and thanked her for the discussion but never acted on Della’s invitation to personal Bible study with her or assembling with Anaheim. So after the discussion about follow up, Della located his contact information and called him. He said he appreciated her call, but was still not interested in a personal study. Good job Della!

Lois Norris, reported this past Thursday, in our Evangelistic Fellowship meeting, that she followed up on a contact she had made with a business woman week or two ago. This woman had come to her door canvasing the Norris’ neighborhood introducing her new office in the area. At that first visit Lois had invited the woman in and after listening to her speel and asked her about her faith and invited her into a personal Bible study. In her follow up call Thursday, Lois  asked the lady again about a personal Bible study. The woman said she’d be out of town for a week but would be interested in scheduling a study with Lois upon her return! How cool is that! Well done Lois!

Do you or your congregation have any contacts you’ve made with people that you could follow up on. People you’ve had some sort of connection with whether spiritual or not, who you could recontact and invite into a personal Bible study? If so, what would you say? Tell them that you love God and would like to share His message with them. I’ve said this before. Tell them that you and God value their souls and would like them to be saved. Ask them if they think most people will go to heaven and then have the read the answer in Matthew 7:13,14, 21-23. Ask them if they be interested in continuing to study the Bible about salvation with you. This is not just theory. Conversations I have like this sometimes result in people accepting and scheduling a personal study. 

Follow up on contacts God has provided you to make in your life. Whether it’s been a day or two or a month or two, or years. Recontact those people who come to your mind and invite them to study the will of God for their lives with you. 

Follow up work in the Kingdom can be fruitful too, but only if it is done. 

God bless you.


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