Ministering to the Ministering

Back in May sisters Andrea Stundtner, Janice Shelton and I sat in a Carl’s Junior studying Fisher’s Of Men’s Bible study material Search For Truth. A drunk man hollers across the dining room at us saying he is interested in Bible study. I left the study with the sisters and sat with this man whom I learned was named Jim.

Jim and I eventually left Carl’s Junior and went to his “home” across the street under a tree in the parking lot of an abandoned building. We spoke about different ideas in the Bible, Jim accurately quoting texts, even in his drunken state, and fellow homeless comrades chiming in.

A few days or week or so later Duane Shelton and I revisited Jim to see how we might be able to help him help himself out of his drunken state and off the street. While speaking with him a woman showed up in a car who brought Jim some soup and crackers and clothes she had laundered for him.

Duane and I struck up conversation with her (Infra) and scheduled a study with her. Since Duane was already in another study with me, I asked Sandra Norris of the Anaheim assembly to join me as a personal teacher’s helper, which she did.

Within a week or two the parking lot Jim was staying in was gated off and the building torn down, forcing Jim off the property. Neither Infra nor I have seen Jim since.

Sandra, Infra and I have met three times for study since then. Infra speaks English pretty well, but is much more comfortable in her native tongue of Spanish. Sandra and I use Spanish Open Bible Study materials, pictures and Infra’s Spanish Bible to communicate our lessons. Infra is particularly appreciative of the pictures (see pictures below).

Old Covenant New Covenant

Old Covenant New Covenant

Broad and Narrow Road

Broad and Narrow Road

Since our studies began Infra has been encouraging her two daughters (24,18), who live with her, to join our studies or attend services at the Anaheim meeting house. Infra does not join us for Sunday and Thursday assemblies yet because we have not studied the church with her yet and she would have hard time understanding a service in English. Please pray that this issue might be overcome if Infra finds that she needs to change assemblies after studying about Christ’s church.

Ministering to a drunk, we found another ministering soul eager to grow in the knowledge of God!

Where might you find the next soul eager for the gospel? Ask our Lord to help you make the most of every opportunity with outsiders.

“Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. Let your speech always be with grace, [as though] seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.” Col. 4:5,6



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