Evangelist Report: May-June 2014

Jeff Yost
PO Box 26055
Anaheim, CA
714-363-3315hm or 660-988-4912cl
Email: honor4god@ymail.com Blog: jeffyostthinksouls.wordpress.com

Greetings friends and brethren,

I pray this report finds each of you thriving in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and aware of the spiritual needs of the souls around you.

Who’d Have Thought…

As of this writing Anaheim brethren are conducting personal home Bible studies with nine people comprising four households, eager to grow in the knowledge of God! One student is working to get her husband to join her study. A mom and dad have decided to have their twelve year old daughter join their next study. Another mother is encouraging her eighteen and twenty-four year old daughters, who live with her, to join her study. And there is a woman (Rebecca) who is planning a trip to her home country of Mexico who would like to take our study materials with her.

Rebecca has invited me to join her though I am not bilingual and she is limited in her English. I suggested that I would be willing to go if it could be determined that I could be helpful. I also suggested that I would see if I could find Spanish speaking brethren who might be able to help her more than or in addition to myself. Rebecca’s plans include visiting Sinaloa, Mexico this September to see family and friends, most of who are Catholic. If there are brethren near Sinaloa whom you know, or here in the states who might be available for such a trip in September, please contact me so we can begin working toward seeing if we can give Rebecca help, converting her family and friends in Mexico.

One of these studies recently created an opportunity to study with four additional family members visiting from Kenya. Coming into the study, each believed themselves to be saved before baptism. Leaving the study three were pretty confident that salvation comes at baptism and the fourth was leaning that way! All six students acknowledged that this correction in their learning had great implications in their walks of faith. Unfortunately only one study was able to be conducted with these four additional people. The study following the one just mentioned resulted in one of the original women deciding to be baptized to wash away her sins and become a child of God! Please pray for our new sister Betty Muia born again Thursday July 11th 3:09PM.


One self study and thirteen warm contacts are being followed up on as I write!

Equipping The Saints…
Leon Sims, David Norris, Sandra Norris, Lois Norris, Duane Shelton and Sheila Sanchez of the Anaheim assembly are all currently active in leading or assisting in personal Bible studies in the community.

Duane and Janice Shelton, Andrea Stundtner, Sheila Sanchez, Fred Flory and David and Sandra Norris are active in various group effort outreaches – door to door canvasing and community outreach studies. Our new sister Betty was reached through these efforts.

Brian Norris, Ron and Della Acree, David and Sandra Norris, Fred Flory, Sheila Sanchez and Duane and Janice Shelton have all volunteered as host teachers for Anaheim’s newly organized new converts studies,“ You Are A Christian.” Leon Sims has volunteered to assist in hosting studies when needed and Donna Bishop is helping as a babysitter when needed and has drawn us the new cover picture for our materials.

YAAC book cover Anaheim Donna

Up to twelve Anaheim brethren have been assembling weekly for what we call an Evangelistic Fellowship, to share the opportunities each of us has had to share the truths of God with the community the previous week.

The men are also taking turns teaching on various evangelistic topics on Sunday and Thursday nights.

At the end of June, I was blessed with participating in the Anaheim hosted Shaver Lake camp out as one of the speakers. The week’s lessons covered the topics of problems in the church, the fruit of the Spirit, discipleship and evangelism. I had the privilege of ending the camp lessons with two back to back sessions on evangelism.

Part of Anaheim’s hope for my participation in the meeting was that the greater California church would be introduced to my work, which it was. This trip also gave me the opportunity to meet and speak to the Sanger congregation in Sanger, California.

The work of equipping the saints for the work of service in California and particularly in Anaheim is going well. God be praised!


Awareness, Confession, Invitation, Instruction and Mentoring – five phases of evangelism. Awareness of the souls around us in need of Jesus. Not just awareness that there are people in need of the Savior, but that there are souls around us, probably everyday, whom we have opportunity to share Jesus with. Confession of Jesus our Lord to others. This phase is about acknowledging our faith in Jesus to the souls around us. Mentioning God to others in some way, even if it is only, “God bless you.” This gets us started on the path to engaging those around us for their soul’s sake. Invitation is a third phase. Invitation is when we invite the people around us to know God better. Invitation into spiritual conversation about salvation and personal Bible study. In this phase it is important to remember that it is the word of God that converts the soul and not our own ideas (Hebrews 4:12, Romans 1:16). Instruction occurs when people have accepted our invitation and are engaged in a search of the scriptures concerning God’s will for their lives. And finally, Mentoring. Mentoring is the disciple making part of the work of evangelism. I’m using it to describe the phase that involves working with those who have obeyed the gospel to grow them into mature disciples.

These five phases are my evangelistic goals with every congregation I work with as an evangelist. My earnest hope is to equip every willing member of the Lord’s church, to live aware of and active in these five phases of evangelism in their walk with God. I attempt to do this by teaching and preaching the truths of God and modeling and mentoring brethren in their application to reaching the lost for Christ.

How long will I be in Anaheim? The Anaheim time table depends on the progress of brethren here in these phases. The church reports progress in all five phases of evangelism and is asking that I continue working with them until they are well established in each of these phases. And I am happy to report that they are showing progress in all five phases! For now, they feel that they continue to need my help to grow their personal effectiveness in reaching out and to form a daily habit of evangelism.

Other assemblies have given open invitations to work together and I am eager to have the opportunity. If you or your congregation would like my help please contact me.

Among the needs of my work right now is committed monthly financial support. I do not like to raise money, preferring to be about working with the word, but finances are needed to do the work.

At present our committed monthly and periodic gift supporter is providing for us well. We are unable to do much in the areas of savings, and travel expenses to see family, but our needs are being met well. Thank each of you, private and churches, for your participation in God’s work through me. God bless you.

There is a need on the horizon about which we would appreciate your prayers and consideration. One of my supporting congregations has informed me that their situation is such that they will need to reduce their support of my work by $612/month beginning January 2015. Finding support among the brotherhood to replace this would be ideal, though I am willing to take whatever hits are necessary and do the work in whatever way I can with whatever means the Lord provides. Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.” Ephesians 3:20,21

Love in Christ,
Jeff Yost


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