Most Persuasion Occurs…

That most persuasion in personal Bible study occurs at the absence of the persuader, is evident in the events following a recent study.

A few weeks ago Duane Shelton of the Anaheim church and I conducted a study with two regular female students of ours and four additional members of their family, visiting from Kenya. See my last few posts for details.

Since that original study and Betty Muia’s resulting “rebaptism” another student from that study has decided to also be rebaptized – Betty’s aunt Josephine, living in Kenya near Nirobi! Upon her request for a member of the church of Christ in Kenya to help her, I passed along contact information for a World Bible School coordinator there. As of yesterday it did not sound like Josephine had gotten baptized yet. Please pray for things to work out for her in this matter.

Betty also reports that the family had much discussion and study about baptism’s role in salvation
following the study! God bring them to the truth.

These things happened in the absence of their “teachers/persuaders.” I put teachers and persuaders in quotes because really the greatest persuasion and most important comes from the ever present Spirit of God through the word of God, ” And He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment;” John 16:8 NASB

Share the truth of God with those in your life, encouraging them to obey it and trust the Holy Spirit to continue the persuasion in your absence.

Keep thinking about people’s souls!


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