All Nations Right Here At Home!

I am posting this a second time in order to get it to show a notification on my facebook page. My blog connection to Facebook has apparently not been working since the end of May. My apologies for any annoyance to those who’ve already seen it.

jeff yost think souls

Some time ago I posted about a study begun with a woman and her mother near the Anaheim meeting house, Betty and Marry.

Studies with this pair are continuing, having met for our most recent study last Monday afternoon. Duane Shelton of the Anaheim assembly is assisting me in this study.

Our study this past Monday had four additional family members present, who were visiting from Kenya, South Africa. The family came into the study at the end of the topic of confessing Christ and at the beginning of topic of baptism. All six members of the family considered themselves saved/born again at the start of the study.

Studying Acts 2:38 the question was asked if the 3,000 mentioned were saved before or at their baptism. All six initially answered, “before.” Upon asking them where they found their answer in the text some began questioning it. There was some discussion…

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