Barely English But A Whole Lot Of Gospel!

I am posting this a second time in order to get it to show a notification on my facebook page. My blog connection to Facebook has apparently not been working since the end of May. My apologies for any annoyance to those who’ve already seen it.

jeff yost think souls

Months ago an evangelistic training session involved Anaheim sisters Pamela Hernandez and Janice Shelton and myself knocking doors in Pamela’s apartment complex.

A woman who could barely speak English answered her door and studied Matthew 7:13-14, 21-23 and 1 Timothy 3:16,17 with us. During the initial discussion she went into her house and brought back a Spanish Bible. She could understand English enough and then read in her Spanish Bible to get the gist that we were encouraging her to study with us. She indicated interest in studying with us and suggested we speak with her daughter across the breezeway who might also be interested and able to help with translation.

A day or two later I called the contact number the woman had given for her daughter and the husband answered. He suggested that he and his wife (the daughter or the original woman) were very involved in studies…

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