Fundametals First Every Time?

I am posting this a second time in order to get it to show a notification on my facebook page. My blog connection to Facebook has apparently not been working since the end of May. My apologies for any annoyance to those who’ve already seen it.

jeff yost think souls

Once in a while I am asked if the devoutly religious we meet in our communities would really be interested in participating in personal Bible study about fundamentals (ie. old covenant new covenant relationship, Jesus as Savior, the condemning result of sin, saving faith in Jesus, repentance, confession, baptism, assembly, Lord’s Supper, singing, giving…). It is suggested that maybe a study should begin with questions they have and things on their minds.

Recently having finished our personal study with Betty Muia, David Norris of the Anaheim congregation and I asked her what she thought about the study. We also asked her why she said yes to our invitation to study fundamentals, though she considered herself well educated spiritually and devoted to the pursuit of spiritual things in the Methodist tradition.


Betty said she accepted our invitation for personal study because our initial conversation, at the door,  made her interested in…

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