Ministering to the Ministering

I am posting this a second time in order to get it to show a notification on my facebook page. My blog connection to Facebook has apparently not been working since the end of May. My apologies for any annoyance to those who’ve already seen it.

jeff yost think souls

Back in May sisters Andrea Stundtner, Janice Shelton and I sat in a Carl’s Junior studying Fisher’s Of Men’s Bible study material Search For Truth. A drunk man hollers across the dining room at us saying he is interested in Bible study. I left the study with the sisters and sat with this man whom I learned was named Jim.

Jim and I eventually left Carl’s Junior and went to his “home” across the street under a tree in the parking lot of an abandoned building. We spoke about different ideas in the Bible, Jim accurately quoting texts, even in his drunken state, and fellow homeless comrades chiming in.

A few days or week or so later Duane Shelton and I revisited Jim to see how we might be able to help him help himself out of his drunken state and off the street. While speaking with him a woman…

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