Shearing Sheep And Ministering To The Souls Of Their Shepherds

Fred Flory of the Anaheim church of Christ called the other night in an effort to find help sharing Jesus with a client he shears sheep for.

Fred’s first time shearing for this client resulted in his choking on some airborne wool. The client got him a piece of hard candy and probably a drink, I am not sure about the details, now so far removed from the event. At any rate, once Fred was clear of choking the woman said he must have someone looking over him, to which he replied that Lord does. Before leaving after finishing his work Fred said, “God bless you.

So now on his return visit Fred desired to try and take his witness a bit further. Realizing that he’d likely only have a limited time to speak with her and would not see her between shearings, we decided together that talking to her about the value of the Bible to her soul would be good. Also that he would offer her a “We Care” New Testament encouraging her to study through the built in gospel study with a view to discussing it at his next shearing visit.

Fred did not know where this woman stood concerning faith, but hoped to find out during this visit.

I must tell you that doing things like this does not come natural to Fred. He is a godly man, devoted to the truth of God and sound in his beliefs, but not apt to be this forward with the testimony of Jesus toward outsiders, at least not until now!

In the last six months Fred has been stretching himself to recognize and make the most of the opportunities the Lord gives him to share Jesus with the people around him. He has been making an intentional effort to say, “God bless you.” to the people he encounters each day at work and on his own time. He has also been participating in other forms of outreach with other Anaheim brethren.

Fred is a good example of growing in one’s ability to impact the souls around him for the Lord.

Thank you for the prayers you have been offering for this work – for the workers, for open doors for the gospel, for open hearts to the gospel message! Your prayers are strengthening this work!



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