Shearing Sheep…:Part 2 or This Little Light Of Mine

In a previous post titled, “Shearing Sheep And Ministering To The Souls Of Their Shepherds” I shared a bit about Fred Flory’s efforts to influence his sheep shearing clients for the Lord.

In the first post Fred was preparing himself to talk to his client. This post is about how it went.

Fred showed up at his client’s Tuesday evening to shear and it got dark before he finished. It had been a long day with a week of 12-15hrs a day at his “day” job. He’s tired, but determined to point his client Lonnie to the Lord.

Fred asked, “Do you study the Bible?” Lonnie shared a positive response. Fred pulled out a We Care NT and a flashlight! Yea, its to dark to read without a flashlight, but he walked her through the question on the cover of the Bible and introduced her to the built in study. In the dark mind you!

You talk about being the light of the world and shining the light of God in someone’s life. Fred was doing it! He chuckled when telling me about it, thinking it humerous that she could only see what he showed her with his flashlight.

If you’ll remember from my first post, doing things like this does not come naturally for Fred, nor does he find it particularly comfortable or easy.  Fred however, is comming to a place in his walk with the Lord where he is beginning to see the souls of the people around him, is recognizing their need for the saving message of Jesus and is becomming a more willing instrument of God for the good of people’s souls.

The conversation ended well. If I remember right, Fred and Lonnie agreed to discuss the We Care study further at his next shearing visit. 

“This little light of mine, I’m gon-na to let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gon-na let it shine. Let it shine, all the time, let it shine.”

This song has become one of my favorite evangelistic songs in recent years. It’s often referred to as a children’s song, but it sure has a spiritually mature theme to it. A theme many adult Christians would do well to pay more serious attention to in their walk with God. 

Let your light shine, no matter how “little of a light” you feel it might be, and trust the Lord to accomplish His will with it! 

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16


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