Subway Joins The Lineup!

Yesterday a study Duane Shelton and I were conducting with a woman, was interupted by a fellow Subway patron who has having lunch there. She interupted us with a request to join the discussion. We were toward the tail end of the study, but invited her to join. She scooted herself a few tables down to sit closer to us and joined in.

She volunteered that she is a Catholic living in Los Angeles and teaching children catechism (sp). She said she loves to study the Bible and learn from people of diverse backgrounds. We were out of time and unable to discuss much with her, but contact information was exchanged and I hope to schedule a personal Bible study with her in the near future. 

This adds Subway to the line up of fast food resturants in CA with fertile soil for the Gospel – McDonald’s and Carl’s Junior. I am suspecting there are many more resturants that could be added to the list…Like Denny’s. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the encounter Sheila, Fred and I had with a waitress at Denny’s recently. I will add this in the future. 

What restraunts that you visit, have fertile soil? 

“…I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest.” Jn. 4:35


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