Panhandlers Don’t Often Ask For Enough

Fred Flory and Sheila Sanches from the Anaheim assembly and I were headed into Denny’s for lunch when a man, whom we later learned was named Sean, approached us for a couple of dollars. 

We asked Sean what he needed a couple of dollars for and he said he wanted to get on the bus. We asked where he was going on the bus and the location he told us was just a mile or two from where we were, so we offered him a ride. He took us up on our offer and we discussed Jesus death, burial and resurrection, repentance, confession and baptism on the way. 

Sean was not ignorant of the subject and accurately explained what each of these parts were. When asked if he had done these he said he had. When asked if he’d be interested in eating with us and having more Bible study together he said he had other plans. We did however exchange contact information and agreed to try and reconnect for some personal Bible study together. 

When we arrived at Sean’s destination he asked for money again, this time for a drink at Starbucks. This was the third or fourth time since meeting him that he requested money. I told him as I did each time, that I do not give people money, but am willing to help them get what they need. I offered to buy him a drink but he decided he just drink water. 

He was able to converse but seemed a bit odd, like maybe he was under the influence of something. We did not smell alcohol on him but though we thought we might have detected a slight odor of marrajuana. He shared his personal situation when asked. He even told us how much he gets as a disabled vet a month. He shared where his money goes also. 

We could have easily given Sean a couple of bucks or nothing and left him where he stood. We could have given him a ride and made light chit chat, dropped him off and been done with it. But we realized that Sean was not asking enough of us. That as Christians we had so much more to offer him. So we invited him to recieve more. We offered Jesus and once we found by his accurate profession of the gospel and obedience to it, to be a Christian, fellowship. And we thank the Lord for the opportunity!

Might Sean have issues with managing his finances? Might he have problems with drug use? Might he be playing us? Maybe, but willing to spend more time with him to find out, with hopes that the Lord can use us as instruments of righteousness for his souls sake. 

God is good! And we are rich in Him! May we share our riches with those Jesus died to save – everyone. 

Any of my readers have a good passage of Scripture to go with this? Please share it in your comments. 

Offer people more than they know to ask for, in hopes of their receiving so much from the Lord that they will turn begin seeking people to share their abundance with! 

Some eight or so years ago I met a man in the midwest who was in this country illegally, asking only for food and fuel. We provided him food and fuel and offered Him the gospel. He recieved it, repented of his illegal status, correcting it, became a brother in Christ and minister of the gospel among his family and friends – Horacio Garcia. The last I new Horacio was meeting for worship in his house in Mexico with six of his family and friends he had a part in converting! 


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