One Of The Five Phases Of Evangelism: Proclamation

It seems to me that evangelism has five phases that every Christian goes through to be evangelistic.

Phase one: Awareness of people’s souls – Seeing the souls of people around us and their need for God (John 4:35-38)

Phase two: Proclamation/Confession of God to those souls – Saying something to introduce God to these people (1 Peter 2:9,10)

Phase three: Invitation of those lost souls to know God – Saying/Doing something to interest people in learning about God (Colossians 4:5,6)

Phase four: Instruction of those lost souls about God – Teaching them what they need to know (Romans 1:16)

Phase five: Disicipling those souls that become Christians, to maturity in Christ – Mentoring them to life as a faithful Christian (Revelation 2:10)

Bulletinboard at Anaheim meeting house. Created by Holly Yost.

Bulletin board at Anaheim meeting house. Created by Holly Yost.

When encountering people for brief moments like checking out at a store, saying hello to someone followed by a short conversation, completing a transaction at the bank, saying no to a telemarketer, ending an email, text or facebook message, etc… I try to leave at least a little bit of God with them – to proclaim Him in some way.

Most of the time it has been, “God bless you.” This often elicits a response of “Thank you” or “Thank you, God bless you to” or simply “Thanks.”

Recently I have begun saying, “Serve the Lord.” I’ve said this twice so far. Once to a postmaster and once to a convienence store clerk both of whom chuckled. I’m not sure if they were nervous chuckles or mocking. Either way, I tried to leave a little bit of God with them as the opportunity afforded! Other phrases I’m planning on trying are “Seek the Lord,” “Give thanks to God, ” and “Give thanks to God for He is good.”

If this seems too small of a thing to matter, know that if you are not introducing God to your conversations yet, this can help you begin to. It may be little, but it is something, which is better than nothing. “Little” things like this also set the ground work for “bigger” things like saying more about God in your conversations and inviting people to learn about Him with you! We may never know what God will do with a single simple phrase floating around in a person’s conscience. We are not people’s answer, but we can be part of God answer for them, however “small.” Surely you have experienced someone saying one thing that stuck with you for a long time, or maybe even influences the direction of your life today!

For some this may seem like a HUGE thing to do. If so, I encourage you to humble yourself to the opportunity give it a try and trust God to do something with it – in you and the person you proclaim God to. I believe you may be surprised at just how natural and rewarding it can become.

Jesus declares, “Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 10:32,33

Brethren, serve the Lord for He is good! 🙂


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