United Express Flight 5233

United Airlines Express Flight  5233

Friday October 3rd United Express Flight 5233 flew from San Francisco California to Kansas City Kansas with my family and a young female dance instructor on board.  Zoe sat next to the window with Holly by her side next to the aisle. I sat adjacent to Holly across the aisle and next to Tarrah. When the family boarded we brought with us cheese burgers and french fries.

Sitting down next to Tarrah I observed that she was eating yogurt and had a bag of grapes on the seat back tray in front of her. Concern that she might be grossed out by the messy cheeseburger I was about to dig into in the close quarters of coach, I asked if she had a preference. She said no and that she would actually eat one herself if she had not recently learned she had siliac disease and should not eat gluten.

I sat down in my seat next to her made light inquiry into the gluten free lifestyle as we waited for the plane to take off.  Once in the air the family dug into our hamburgers.

The flight was to last three and a half hours. The first hour and a half or so of flight Tarrah leaned up next to the plane wall napping, and nibbling on grapes. I napped some and prayed some and began reading the Muscle and Shovel Bible class workbook on my phone. After getting through only the introduction, I was provoked to stop reading about evangelism and make the most of the opportunity with Tarrah. When the opportunity came to begin conversation I asked why she was going to Kansas City. She shared her story about how she was raised in Kansas City, offered a job in California which she took and was on her way home for a weekend visit of family. She asked what I was doing. I shared that my family was on its way back to my appointing congregation as an evangelist, to renew ties and for me to participate as a speaker in their homecomming.

I asked if she knew what an evangelist was and she asked me to tell her. We opened a Bible I had on me turning to Ephesians 4:10ff. After a brief study and discussion of my role and work as an evangelist, I suggested there was higher priority information we should discuss – salvation. Tarrah suggested that she was a Christian as did I. We walked through passages in Acts, Romans, 1 Peter and a handful of others. Our study came to an end about the time our plane began descending to land.  As we put down I suggested that the things we studied were not things, particularly in the area of baptism, that I was taught as a child. I shared that I was originally taught that I could be saved through a repentant prayer. Tarrah suggested the same was true for her.

I invited Tarrah to further study and she accepted. We exchanged contact information and a couple of scriptures from our study for her to consider further, before deboarding our plane and leaving one another’s company.

Upon my return to Anaheim, I emailed Tarrah an invitation to continue studies, waited and a few days and then texted her. I have not received a response to either of these yet, though it’s not yet been a week since either of my attempts. Tarrah said that she was living and working in the Long Beach/LA area.

Whether we ever study together again or not, we can rejoice that the seed of the kingdom (Lk. 8:11) has been sown with this young lady. Let us hope that it fell on good soil that will bear much fruit.

Brethren, let us conduct ourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. Letting our speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that we will know how we should respond to each person (Cl. 4:5,6).

Thank you for your prayers and various other forms of support of my ministry. God bless you as you work diligently in His Kingdom.

If you are encouraged by these posts, share them with others so that they may be encouraged by them too.


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