City of Orange Public Library


Wednesday morning took me to the City of Orange Library to do my personal Bible study. Why? Because there were more souls there then in my home office (below), many more! The photo you see here is just one quarter of the library. How many souls can you count in the photo?

I sat in the far end of the room just to the left of the white post. If you look carefully you can make out my maroon laptop screen case with a white square in the middle of it. On that white square there was a message reading, “ASK ME ABOUT A BIBLE STUDY.” In the midst of studying,  I only saw four people read the sign. Three of the four made eye contact with me and only one said hello. The man sitting at the table across from me came over from another table, but did not speak to me, even when I said hello. I think he came over to get away from a person who was coughing at his previous table.

If the Lord allows, I hope to make a weekly habit of doing some of my personal studies and computer work at the library with a posted note on my laptop of some spiritual nature.

We’ll see what might come of my time there. Please pray that I be able to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself (Colossians 4:5,6).

I pray you will commit to making the most of your every opportunity with outsiders as well.


Think souls brethren!

Love in Christ,


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