Sowing The Seed Of The Kingdom in Watts, CA

Willmington meeting house, Watts, CA

Willmington church meeting house, Watts, CA

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of assembling with eight brethren at the Willmington church meeting-house in Watts California.  Something Willmington brethren have been committed to on the third Saturday of every month for some time now, possibly years. I did not  ask  how long they’ve been doing it.

 They assemble for the purpose of going out into the community together to spread the good news of Jesus! Their usual approach has been to  distribute spiritually oriented  flyers that a local sister (Mami) creates.

 They leave their flyers at local businesses in their neighborhood and outside the houses they do not find anyone home at. Those they meet  face to face are encouraged to consider the message on the flyer and join them in Bible study and worship at  the building.

Left to right/back to front: Sheena Young, Carrie Young, Fredrick Young, Bill Young, Mami Young

Left to right/back to front: Sheena Young, Carrie Young, Fredrick Young, Bill Young, Mami Young

Those neighboring the building have gotten used to their visits and familiar  with  them  as  people.  The community  has grown to  know the church is present and cares about their souls. Though they have had very few visitors  to  their  assemblies,  they  keep  going  out  in  hopes  that  the  relationships  they  are developing with their neighbors will  serve their souls well when they are ready to seek more  spiritually.

This past Saturday four of the nine of us were physically able enough to canvas the  neighborhood while the  remaining five were not. The five that were not, sat up chairs in the front of the  meeting-house  and passed out  flyers and spoke to those who passed by. Before going out it was suggested that we ask those who have seen the  flyers before, what they think about  them.  Also  that  we  go  beyond  the  flyer  and invitation to “church”  and encourage personal spiritual dialogue by asking spiritual questions.

As we crossed the street to the West we encountered three people standing on the  sidewalk  talking.  We engaged them with the flyer and invited them to  “church.”  We  then  took  the  conversation  further  by asking if they thought most people would go to Heaven, if they  wanted to go to Heaven  themselves  and how they could be sure of  a  home  in  Heaven.  Conversation  included  having  them  read  and  discuss Matthew 7:13,14, 21-23, 1 Timothy 3:16,17, Galatians 3:26,27, Acts 2:36-41 and other pertinent  passages about obeying the gospel. After about a thirty minute impromptu study right there on the  sidewalk,  one woman said she wanted to pursue further study and baptism, a man suggested that  he  should  consider the Bible more a possibly be baptized. Personal contact information was exchanged  and  encouragement not to delay their obedience.

Corner West of Willmington church meeting house

Corner West of Willmington church meeting house

Maybe fifty yards further up the street a flyer was handed a woman in her front yard across a fence from us. The  flyer was passed and the woman started heading back to a lawn chair sitting on her porch. We seized the moment by  attempting to create an opportunity to speak with the woman further by asking her if we could ask her a spiritual  question. She turned around and said yes. We ask the same question(s) and took a similar route as in our first  encounter that day. The woman came back to the fence and stood there speaking with us for about another half an  hour. The discussion and study revealed that the woman thought herself to be a Christian and saved, but unsure of  whether the Bible was actually inspired by God or not. She showed little understanding any scripture, though she did  show interest, writing down most of the texts we discussed and read. She invited further contact and personal  contact information was exchanged.

The brethren who sat on the sidewalk at the building reported some encouraging interchanges as well. Mami said she  tried the approach suggested earlier concerning discussing people’s impressions about the flyers. Being the creator of  the flyer she also read it out loud to those interested in listening, adding discussion and theatrical expression and  along the way. I am not sure if any information was exchanged for further contact or not.

Not nearly as many flyers were distributed last Saturday as in Saturdays past, but brethren report having their eyes opened to new possibilities in their approach to evangelistic efforts.

As long as the Lord allows these brethren plan to continue assembling every third Saturday to sow the seed of the Kingdom. I hope to join them often.

Thank God for brethren so devoted to consistently reaching out, as a body of believers, to the neighborhood they meet in! May we be encouraged to find ways to follow their example in the neighborhoods where we meet.

Think Fellowship, think souls.


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