Jeff Yost’s Evangelist Report October – December 2014

Evangelist Report Oct. – Dec. 2014wpid-wp-1420658878202.jpeg

P.O. Box 26055
Anaheim, CA 92825

(660) 988-4912 cl
Greetings friends and Brethren,

 Happy New Year!
2014 has been a fruitful year of work among the saints in Anaheim. I hope the same has been true for the spiritual work of each of you.

Equipping The Saints…

October, November and December continued the fruitful progress of the

Anaheim brethren in the work of evangelism.

Sowing of the seed of the Kingdom of God has definitely been on the increase in Anaheim. Please continue to pray for the courage and effectiveness of these brethren in this work.

wpid-wp-1420661007243.jpegMultiple studies have been initiated by brethren with co-workers and neighbors these past three months. Brethren’s reports of being more intentional in introducing God into their conversations in the community are also encouraging.

December 2nd of this year Anaheim launched a web based Bible study program through World Bible School (WBS). As of this writing twenty-three students have registered to study with us! Five local brethren are signed up to assist students in these online studies. Please pray for our WBS students and teachers.

Door knocking, Evangelism Fellowships, Thursday night classes on evangelism continue and the setting aside of first and fourth Sundays for corporate evangelistic efforts continue maturing participants and initiating studies.

2014-02-23 Anaheim-1

Work continues with three Christians in the area who are not assembling with the church yet. Two of these were converted through personal studies with Anaheim members, and another discovered by the same means. The identify of the Lord’s church and importance meeting together weekly for the Lord’s Supper and encouragement unto love and good works continue to be studied. Please pray that these brethren will come to conviction about their need to assemble with the church they’ve been added to by the Lord. Please pray that the Anaheim brethren can disciple them well.

At this time there is nothing to report concerning the potential for studies in Mexico generated from contact with our student Rebecca whom I have mentioned in previous reports.

 For more details about the work in Anaheim and encouraging evangelistic thoughts from my work in general visit

Thanks to each of you for your prayers and moral and financial support of my work and family. May God count the fruit of this ministry to your account (Philippians 4:17).

Beginning January 2015, if the Lord allows, my plans are to begin visiting Long Beach, La Verne, Riverside and Norwalk second and third Sundays and every Wednesday evening in an effort to encourage them evangelistically. My hope for these visits is that they will provide a good sense of the California church’s need for evangelistic training, and interest level in my assistance as an evangelist. Brethren from Long Beach, La Verne and Sanger have voiced some interest in help, but no formal plans have been made to work together.

Lord willing I plan to continue meeting with Anaheim Thursday evenings and first and fourth Sundays.

I have a sense that Anaheim is well on their way to developing a evangelistic consciousness and evangelistic work they will be able to maintain in my absence.

For now if the Lord allows, I hope to continue assisting Anaheim with the aforementioned efforts. Grounding them in a strong evangelistic discipline as a church.

 I also hope to join the Wilmington church of Christ of Watts, CA, regularly in their third Saturday evangelistic canvassing.

Left to right/back to front: Sheena Young, Carrie Young, Fredrick Young, Bill Young, Mami Young

Fredrick (Right back) and Sheena Young (Left 2nd from back) of the Wilmington congregation have been meeting with us at Anaheim for Thursday evening studies for some time now.  Wilmington is a congregation that has been used to hiring men to preach for them in the past. They currently do not have a hired  preacher. For the past several years they have been edifying the weekly assembly themselves and inviting visiting speakers. I pray my fellowship with them will help them commit more fully to the mutual model of edification found in the scriptures.

Shortly after committing to come to Anaheim, the California Acres church in Topeka, KS, requested working together. Their desire is for a four or five month stay in Fall. I thought that last Fall was too soon to leave the Anaheim work for months at a time, and did not accept their request then. I am wondering if this Fall I might be able to leave California for a time to assist them, with a view to returning afterwards to work further with the California church, should there be continued interest here.

Your prayers for wisdom in matters of scheduling are appreciated.

I am happy to report that certain brethren have contacted me about helping meet my financial deficit mentioned in my last newsletter. One congregation has committed to making up a portion of our deficit for as long as they can maintain it. Thank the Lord for the loving sacrifice of brethren for the work of God (2 Corinthians 8:1-4).

God richly bless each of you as you humbly serve Him.

Love in Christ,

Jeff Yost


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