A Little At A Time

This past year I have developed several aquintances at a local Denny’s.

Originally visiting Denny’s with Fred Flory and Sheila Sanchez of the Anaheim congregation as part of a Community Outreach Study, subsequent visits have been made monthly with a few exceptions.

Time and circumstance has not afforded indepth conversation, but faith in God, need for repentence, walking in the Spirit, disciplined personal Bible study and sharing the gospel with the lost are all topics that have been touch on.

Several times , I have invited the manager Jesus (Spanish) and various employees into personal study with me but none have accepted the invitation. All are open to brief spiritual discussion at each visit though.

Without a way to sit in personal study with these aquintances I have shared some study materials with them. We Care New Testaments with built in gospel studies, with invites to discuss the study.

Also at my most recent visit I shared the book Muscle and a Shovel by Michael Shank, a personal story of Mike’s conversion by a coworker. A story full of spiritual questikns and Biblical answers. At this visit uoon leaving the manager with whom I have the most interaction, insisted on taking care of the bill for my milkshake. In doing so he gave me a hug and shared his appreciation for our friendship. Ishared his sentament and ga e him money over the price of the milkshake to give as a tip to my waiter.

I look forward to our future conversations.

What restraunt or grocery store or bank staff, etc… might you be able to influence to know the Lord? Have I shared these stories about the efforts of California brethren? I’m sure I have in previous posts.

A little influence at a time, can turn out to be a lot of influence over time. Use the time and opprtunity God has given you to point others to Him.

Let the Lord use you for His name’s sake wherever you are.


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