Seeing The Souls Of Our Neighbors

Earlier this week I met a new neighbor. We’ve been living a block from one another for a year but never met until the other day.

Ahandro works long hours at a local Bar-B-Q restraunt as a management trainee. He feels he gets little time with his wife of 6yrs and toddler. He loves soccer, playing weekly in a league.

Ahandro says he loves the Lord. Our conversation about Jesus and Heaven was difficult though. When asked a spiritual question he’d respond with a seemingly unrelated answer, though he seemed to think it answered my question.

It became clear to me that there was a language barrier impeding communication.

Several times in the conversation, Ahandro asked me if I had Mondays off since it was a Monday mid morning that we met. He suggested that maybe we’d see each other Monday mornings as he went on walks with his daughter.
Lord willing we will and I plan to try and speak more about our need for salvation in Jesus.

I plan to introduce him to Spanish materials with English equivolents that present the gospel. Please pray that our relationship can develope and influence us both to walk more fully with the Lord.

If you have lived in your kneighborhood for some time and decided your kneighbors probably have no interest in God, please think again. How can you know unless you have introduced God into conversation with them. And who knows, there may be a neighbor around the corner whom you’ve not yet met who is looking for a friend and open to spiritual conversation.

Brethren I encourage you to sow the fields you have been given – your neighboorhood. Mention the Lord in your interactions with neighbors. Invite them to know God and His will. Share with them a single scripture in your encounters with them that can help them begin asking the right questions about God. Communicate your willingness to help them find the Biblical answers to those questions.

“Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity.” Colossians 4:5


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