An Hour and A Half

Brother Emery Wright of the Long Beach church recently accepted an invitation to work together inviting the lost to know the Lord.

Emery and I had the pleasure of being instruments of the good news of Jesus Christ tonight in the lives of five people. Canvassing on his street we met a contractor working in the neighborhood who lives near there. We also met another man Emery had never met before from around the block in the same neighborhood. Both considered Matthew seven with us and suggested that they would be interested in personal Bible study with us sometime. We were not able to tack down a date but exchanged phone numbers and addresses.

The other six people we met were out in front or in their homes. Five allowed us to study through portions of Matthew seven and a few other passages with them. One seemed to how genuine interest in being in contact in the near future with a view to setting up a study.

All of this work was done in an hour and a half. Could you find a spare hour and a half a week, a month, a year you could talk to others about Jesus? It may surprise you what the Lord could do with you toward the salvation of others in just an hour and a half!

And you don’t have to canvass from door to door. Just be intentional about confessing Christ in your conversations with others whatever the circumstances.

God be with you.


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