Ice Breaker: Spiritually Oriented Book

Sheila Sanchez of the Anaheim church has handed out three copies of Muscle and a Shovel by Mike Shank to two friends and a co-worker. The book is about how Mike was converted by a Co-worker – Randal – over months of encounters with him at work. Two receivers were moved by the book to engage Sheila in further spiritual conversation. The response of the third has yet to be revealed.

Sheila’s coworker’s initial response to reading the book was giving her a tract accusing the church of Christ of being a cult. Subsequent interchanges between the two of them however, produced discussion about how off based the claims of the tract were, each other’s conversion accounts and a desire to discuss faith further with each other. Before this time interchanges between them had largely spiritual but shallow.

The friend who read the book and responded told Sheila that the book was not something she could read lightly, but instead required opening up her Bible along with the book to investigate its claims, which she did. These initial interchanges around Muscle and a Shovel eventually led to a study of Acts together and now Romans.

Don’t know how to get a spiritual conversation about salvation started with someone you know? Try giving them a book or pamphlet on the subject and then following it up with pointed discussion about where they see themselves in relation to the topic. Who knows, maybe it will lead to their obedience to the gospel!

God speed in your work for Him.



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