Papers and Peoples

This past Saturday I had the joy of joining five members of the Willmington church in their monthly canvass of the neighborhoods near their meeting house at 110th and Willmington in Watts California.

These brethren have been canvassing these neighborhoods monthly for over twenty years. At some point, perhaps from the beginning, they began handing out materials with spiritual thoughts, invitations to personal Bible study and attendance to their services (see below). These days this material is prepared by a sister meeting there. Each month is a new thought.





Three of us started up 110th and three took positions infront of the meeting house on Willmington.

Half a block into 110th street we met Mike, a shop owner around the corner from there. Our conversation with Mike took place in the street next to the curb where he was sweeping and picking up trash. Conversation began with what he was doing and why, then transitioned into spiritual things with the question, “Are you a Spiritual man?” Mike answered in the afirmative. We asked if he thought most people would go to Heaven and conversation and study of three Bible verses followed. Mike spoke with us for about twenty minutes and then being unwilling to commit to further personal study, ended with him passing us off to a friend across the street. We shared our materials with Mike and invited him to the weekly Willmington assemblies.¬† Mike is out and about regularly in that community, if the Lord allows all to live, it will not be the last time the Willmington brethren have opportunity to engage Mike about the Lord.

I have two, possibly three more interactions from this effort to share but do not have the time at present, as I am off on a date with my daughter.

We went out with papers to hand out and came back with relationships with people to report.

Go out with whatever you think might help you share Jesus with people, expecting to return with relationships to foster spiritual truths in.

“Lead me to some soul today, Oh teach me Lord just what to say; Friends of mine are lost in sin and cannot find their way. Few there are who seem to care and few there are who pray. Melt my heart and fill my life, give me one soul today.”


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