Papers and Peoples Cont.

This post is a continuation of a recent one by the same title about the recent evangelistic efforts I participated in with the Willmington church of Christ in Watts California…

…After speaking with Mike we crossed the street to speak with a man leaning against a store front who went by the name Rainbow (Raymond Rainbow). Raymond was a man with religious experience and jargan. Conversation with Rainbow lasted thirty minutes or so and included question and Bible study about desire for eternal life over eternal destruction, sin, Jesus as Savior and the scriptures as the sole authority in spiritual matters. Rainbow got hungry and dismissed himself to get some lunch. Though he would not schedule a personal study with us, he invited the brethren at Willmington to continue spiritual conversation with him when they saw him in the neighborhood throughout the week. The brethren at Willmington had met Rainbow prior to this visit but had mosly focused on inviting him to services.

Just beyond the halfway point of the block (alley) a group of seven men were sitting infront of a house. The gathering overflowed from the gated front yard into the sidewalk. The house they were assembled in front of was one housing a family Willmington workers had become familiar with through canvassing over the years. We greeted all of the men in general and engaged three in particular. Of these three, one proved most interested in discussing spiritual matters, his name was Flaco.

Flaco discussed and studied with us topics dealing with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the need for obedience to it for salvation, and the church for about an hour. Much of the discussion included helping Flaco discover Bible answers to his questions about spirituality and religion. He claimed Catholicism.

Though Flaco was able to acknowledge difficiencies in his understanding and salvation experience, he was unwilling to act on his new knowledge to correct them or formerly schedule a time to continue study with us. He did however invite us to engage him further on these topics when we see him in the neighborhood on Saturdays.

As we came across people in the street between and during these three discussions, we also passed out our papers.


At the end of that days efforts, the other group of three workers who positioned themselves in front of the Willington meeting house reported having encountered many souls passing by, to whom they passed out their prepare paper and encouraged to seek the favor of the Lord with them in their assemblies. One of those who passed by spoke with them at length, but I do not have the details of this discussion.

We went out with papers and came back with spiritually oriented relationships!

What could God do with you to increase His Kingdom if you armed yourself with spiritually oriented tracts and determination to engage the people you meet with them?

Good speed my brethren.


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