Now That’s A Good Question!

At the start of March my family attended a Recharge conference of ministry just around the corner from our RV site in Anaheim.

Screenshot (58)

Brethren Holly and I had not seen in ten years were organizing as well as attending it. It was an enjoyable time of catching up on what old friends were doing in the Kingdom. It was also neat to hear what the Lord was doing with the many new brethren we met.

During the conference I made it a point to ask a number of brethren how they were reached with the gospel. What their story was. It is always interesting to me how the Lord reaches people. I only recall one account (that of an evangelist working in the college campus ministry he was converted through) due to the fact that I have asked to many people the same thing since that week.

One comment that stuck out to me and remains with me today, generated by my inquiries is, “Now that’s a good question!” The brother who said it was responding to my question of how he came to obey the Gospel. This was an older gentleman whom I learned later was an elder (if my memory serves me well, though it often does not 😦 ). His comment stood out to me because out of all that we had been discussing up until that point, he was most enthusiastic about this question. And he was ready!

Sharing his conversion story with me, I could tell he was intensely appreciative of the opportunity, as I was of the opportunity to hear it.  Our exchange gave me an opportunity to share my story also. From this platform our discussion turned to what and how to most effectively teach the lost the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When is the last time you shared your conversion story with someone? Who is the last brother or sister you heard a conversion story from?

I encourage you to ask a brother or sister know about how they were saved. Doing so promises to be a source of joy for you and them, as you both reflect on the providential work of God in saving “men.” Even if you know their story already, you might be surprised at some of the details you did not know. You may even find yourself so encourage that you’ll want ask others about their conversions too. It has the potential for brethren getting to know one another better on a spiritual level and encouraging one another to speak more about the work of God in saving sinners to others.

If you would be willing, I’d love to read your conversion story in the comments to this post. I hope you will share.

May God grant you the courage to live for him boldly.


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