Caught In The Web

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Since December of 2014 the Anaheim church of Christ has had a web based Bible study presence on the internet.


There are currently 105 students who have seen our web ad and registered as students. Of those 28 have completed lesson one and 10 have been active in the past thirty days.

Anaheim is advertising within a fifteen mile radius of their meeting house.

Good numbers? Bad? Considering Anaheim was in no active personal studies, to my knowledge, last year this time, I’d say they are good numbers! Also, consider that the three thousand precious souls who obeyed the gospel on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:36-41) were but a small fraction of the hordes of people that were actually there. And we consider those numbers good.

Five Anaheim members are active as teachers – David Norris, Sandra Norris, Janice Shelton, David Sims (known by the locals as Leon) and…

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