Jeff Yost’s Evangelist Report: March – April 2015

    Greetings brethren, I pray this report finds each of you growing in your evangelistic awareness and abilities.

March and April have added another forty-three Bible study registrants to Anaheim’s web studies, growing from sixty-five in February to one hundred eight as of this writing (5/6/15). Registrants are those who have responded to Anaheim’s web ads and signed up for Bible study with us over the internet. Of these one hundred eight registrants twenty-eight have completed lesson one. This is an increase of eleven since April. Five Anaheim brethren are active in teaching these students! Another Anaheim member is signed up as a teacher but is unable at this time to devote time to it and one other member is considering joining the team.

Four Anaheim brethren and myself are engaged in weekly personal Bible studies with five students from the community. Two of these studies were mentioned in my previous report as having been delayed for several months. One revived study came as a result of the student inviting me to assist her in visiting a jailed family member. This interaction revived her desire to study, while also presenting an opportunity to speak to the jailed family member about seeking the Lord. A correspondence study was set up with the inmate (not included in the figures above).

Jeff Yost (left) and Fred Flory (middle) study with Mary Lou (right) of Anaheim.

Jeff Yost (left) and Fred Flory (middle) study with Mary Lou (right) of Anaheim.

Interaction and study with three students who previously obeyed the gospel in studies with Anaheim brethren continue in hopes of helping them find conviction to begin assembling with a faithful assembly of the Lord’s church. Please pray for William, Betty and Frank in this regard.

A couple continues their weekly community outreach studies at a McDonald’s near their house. Exchanges they have with other McDonalds patrons continue to be a source of encouragement in Anaheim’s weekly evangelistic fellowship meetings. Also, an Anaheim brother running an accounting business has really ramped up his efforts this year in speaking with clients as an independent. His efforts and the resulting interchanges he shares in Anaheim’s evangelistic fellowships are encouraging.

Anaheim's weekly Evangelism Fellowship meeting. Left to right: Leon Sims, Duane Shelton, Janice Shelton, Zoe Yost, Holly Yost, Jeff Yost, Sandra Norris, David Norris and Sheila Sanchez

Anaheim’s weekly Evangelism Fellowship meeting. Left to right: Leon Sims, Duane Shelton, Janice Shelton, Zoe Yost, Holly Yost, Jeff Yost, Sandra Norris, David Norris and Sheila Sanchez

Bible101 advertising efforts mentioned in my last report have been delayed mostly due to illness but are still underway. Bible101 is another access point to Anaheim’s web studies in addition to Google web ads (mentioned previously). Other helps in inviting people to personal Bible study being used are personal and tip cards. Bi-monthly mailers have all been selected as additional ways to invite the community to personal study and assembly with the Anaheim church. More on that in future reports.

The various evangelistic program coordinators assigned at Anaheim last month seem to be settling in to their responsibilities well. Please pray for these brethren’s ability to adequately lead their areas of encouragement.

Since March I have spoken at the Anaheim and the Wilmington congregations. I have also begun attending a “preacher’s meeting.” Churches of Christ in the area have initiated this meeting as a way of encouraging ministers and being aware of one another’s work. My presence in these meetings introduces an element of query from other participants about mutual ministry. Please pray that my participation can serve to open meaningful dialog about this biblical pattern of the church. The theme of our next meeting is evangelism, hoorah!

Traveling plans for our relocation to Topeka, KS, to work with the California Acres brethren seem to be coming together well. The family hopes to leave Anaheim in late June, traveling to southern Colorado for a week’s stay. After Colorado, we plan to travel to Kirksville, MO to participate in their VBS. After VBS in Kirksville and a short stay to reconnect with our home congregation, we plan to leave for Topeka. We are hoping to make this a leisurely trip, in an effort to enjoy our surroundings and keep from being as exhausted as our trip to California from Missouri was. Please pray for our safe and enjoyable travel.

Planned route to Kirksville from Anaheim

Planned route to Kirksville from Anaheim

Returning to California to work with Anaheim, Wilmington and others is still the plan for the last four months of 2015 on into 2016 as the Lord allows.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragements and support of this work. May God be glorified and His Kingdom be increased.

Love in Christ,

Jeff Yost

660-988-4912 cell


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