Celebrate with the Anaheim church at the recent addition of Mary Lou Aguilere to the body of Christ!


Mary Lou is someone Fred Flory (Anaheim congregation) and I met while doing a Community Outreach Study back in October of 2014. Fred and I were considering a gospel tract together while sitting in a Burger King when Mary Lou spoke to us from her table. After sharing with her the contenrs of the tract she asked if she could acquire some to hand out. We answered in the affirmative, then asked her if she thought most people were going to heaven. After studying Matthew 7:13-23 and a few other passages with her and her great-grandson Jesse (11yr) who was with her, we invited them to continue personal Bible study with us. She answered in the affirmative.

Since October Fred Flory, Janice Shelton, and Sandra Norris (Anaheim assembly) have all assisted with studies with Mary Lou.

Mary Lou put on Christ in baptism to be saved around 3:30PM June 29th (Galatians 3:26-27; 1 Peter 3:21)! She is now in Anaheim’s Discipleship Studies and assembling with the Anaheim church with her great-grandchildren who live with her.

Mary Lou’s daughter Tina who lives in Costa Mesa, CA, attended her mother’s baptism. When asked about her faith Tina shared that she had been Baptized “from here up” – motioning with her hand from her neck to the top of her head (poured). I shared that the baptism of the Bible is full immersion of one’s whole body under water (i.e. baptize – plunge, dip, immerse). Tina was encouraged to read the conversion accounts of Acts and a few other passages relating to baptism. She was also invited to consider scheduling a study with her mother and someone from the Anaheim assembly. Mary Lou suggested that Tina is open, having shared with her about her own studies. Anaheim brethren were encouraged to formally invite Tina to a personal study. I do not know if this has occured yet.

Four of Mary Lou’s great-grandchildren were present for her baptism as well.

All of our pictures of Mary Lou’s baptism are hidding out in my wife’s camera and it’s on vacation. I plan to share those pictures in a future post.

The family of God has a new member sister Mary Lou Aguilere, partly as a result of two brothers in Christ inviting fellow restaurant patrons to ask them about Bible study (scribbled note on table) while discussing one another’s faith).

What public expressions of faith coupled with an invitation for others to speak to you might you be able to do? What might the Lord do with such an effort? Give it a try and find out!

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