Caverns Of The Earth


On the family’s trip from Anaheim, CA to Kirksville, MO to participate in a VBS we stopped at Cave Of The Winds in Manatu Springs, CO. Zoe had only been in one small cave in Oklahoma before this one.

Other activities Zoe and I also enjoyed at the cave were their high ropes course and Batapolt. While the cave was interesting and the Batapolt something different, the high ropes course seemed to be our favorite activity of the day, until…

Returning from a dusk dangling over the canyon floor 600 feet below on the ropes course, Zoe and I found mom in the snack bar hall. She was sitting at a table of people talking with a middle aged man. By the time we arrived they had already made introductions, shared their reasons for being at the Cave and begun discussing spiritual things.

As Zoe and I joined, the discussion turned to how to encourage people to value and attend church. I used this as a launching point to discuss how one becomes a member of the Lord’s church. Relevant scriptures about the need for and how to obey the gospel were discussed. An announcement for the night’s lazer light show on the canyon wall interrupted our progress.

Just before going our separate ways to watch the show, Zoe stood near the man and asked if she could ask a question. The man answered in the affirmative. Zoe asked, “Were you saved before or after your baptism.” The man replied that for him he believes he was saved before his baptism.” I replied that we encourage him to rethink his position based on the texts we had just previously discussed.

Contact information was exchanged with a view to continuing the discussion in the future.

Even on vacation there are souls around us who need Jesus (2 Cor. 5:16-17). Do we see them?

What can we do as families to encourage others to consider God’s will for their lives? Are there discussions your family could join together in with people you meet, with a view to benefitting their souls (1 Cor. 10:32-11:1)?

What a joy to see our children voluntarily employ their faith toward the salvation of others. Are we helping them see how this can be done? Prov. 22:6 – does this apply to evangelism? I think so.

Keep thinking souls!


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