Friends Of Friends

While participating in the Kirksville church’s 2015 VBS our family stayed at the Salters in our fifthwheel.


Corey and Kristina Salter in the kitchen of their home in Novinger, MO

Soon after our arrival a family the Salters were babysitting for were dropping off their son. As I was passing through the room I overheard the mother say something about praying. I stopped and waited in the room until there was an opportunity to introduce myself. In my introduction I mentioned that I overheard the mother mention prayer and asked if she was a believer. She said yes. I invited her to consider a personal Bible study with the Salters whom I was sure would be intrested. I also shared my personal card and invited her to consider the online study URL provided on the card.

A week or so later she signed up for the online study! I both wrote her a welcome letter to our online study and encouraged her about it the next time we met.

The friends of our friends could one day become the children of our Father in Heaven, but not without invitation.

Jesus invites all humanity to come and learn of Him (Mat. 11:28-30). Christians are given the privilege of being part of this invitation (Mat. 28:18-20). We are partners with one another and God in this work (1 Cor. 3:6-9).

Will you help your Christian friends plant and water the seeds of the kingdom in the lives of their friends? I pray so!

May the friends of our friends become children of our King.


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