Cruzin’ For Souls

After a Community Outreach study at Dillions with brethren from the California Acres church in Topeka, KS, the need to sow more Kingdom Seed burned in my bones.

Deciding to try something new I went Cruzin’ for souls at the Highland Park Townhomes in Topeka, KS.

Highland Park Townhomes, Topeka, KS

Highland Park Townhomes, Topeka, KS

My first attempt to approach a man standing outside alone in front of his townhome was interrupted by another person walking up before me and lifting the hood of a car.

Though I thought about going home and doing other work, I prayed for another opportunity. That opportunity came with three other people standing in front of another townhome. As I parked and approached, one of them made a wisecrack to which I responded that I was not a police detective. I stated that I was a Christian looking for people to share Jesus with. The person who made the wisecrack excused themselves saying they had no interest. Another left saying they needed to finish walking the dog, but stayed within earshot. The third asked if I was a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness to wich I replied in the negative.

I asked the remaining person if he was a believer and had obeyed the gospel. He replied by saying he was a Seventh Day Adventist. I followed by asking what the gospel is. He said, he thought it was the Bible. From there we turned to 1 Corinthians 15 and read the first eight or nine verses. By this time the woman who had stepped off to walk the dog had returned. After some interchange on the gospel being the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, I had us turn to 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9. We turned to this passage in the New King James pocked New Testaments I had brought along.

I asked how one can obey the gospel, to which they suggested the answer of obeying the Bible. We turned to Romans 6 and discussed how baptism is obedience to the gospel. By this time three others had joined our discussion – two from inside the townhome and another from a neighboring townhome.

Our impromptu study ended with an invitation to further study and obedience to the gospel. None were ready to obey the gospel at that time. All were interested in further study. A study was scheduled for the following week.

Five were present for the study, with a sixth (the original Seventh Day Adventist) dropping in and out. Fred Meeks of the California Acres church in Topeka, KS, and myself lead the study. It was discovered, in this study, that two believed themselves to be saved through the Baptist faith, that one was a fallen member of the Lord’s church and another had never put her faith in Jesus.

At the close of the study the member of the Lord’s church was encouraged to re-engage her faith through repentance and assembly with the saints. Two others where encouraged to re-examine their perceived Baptist obedience in light of the different obedience the Bible just studied. And the one who’d never put her faith in Jesus was encouraged not to delay, but to obey the gospel right then. She was unwilling to do so and could not give a reason why.

Another study was scheduled but never occured. The fallen member visited the California Acres assembly once never to return. And there was limited phone contact and one visit in person with the Baptists following the last study. These were also given a couple of DVDs of Bible lessons with encouragement to discuss them with us.

Though some of our hopes for these studies have yet to be realized, the seed of the Kingdom has been sown providing opportunity for further watering and salvation (Matthew 13:18-23, 1 Corinthians 3:5-9)! For this we praise the Lord!

Who might you find to share the Lord with while cruzin’ in your neighborhood? Or someone elses?

Highland Townhomes in Topeka, KS.

Highland Townhomes in Topeka, KS.

Keep thinking souls!



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