Surprised By The Boss!

Charles Kuhn of the California Acres church in Topeka, KS, was on his way out the door at the end of his work day when…


…he realized that he had not yet fulfilled a personal outreach assignment for Wednesday night class. Desiring to be a good example and encouragement to his fellow Bible class mates he jotted his name and phone number on a personal gospel card. A “personal gospel card” is a buisness card with personal contact information on one side and steps to obeying the gospel of Christ on the other.

As Charles exited his workplace he swung by his boss’s office and extended his hand to pass him his card and said, “David, I’d like to have a Bible study with you.” Receiving the card, David replied, “What denomination?” Charles answered, ” I’m not talking about denominations, I want to study the Bible with you.” And to Charles’s pleasent surprise, his boss quickly said, “Ok.”

Spending time with Charles over the past three months, I suspect his boss’s quick, positive response to his invitation was in part due to the godly example Charles has demonstrated in their work relationship (Matthew 5:14-16). Praise the Lord for Charles’s boldness in his faith in his work place!

What relationships do you have that you’ve prepared a positive response from by your Christ like example? Ask the Lord grant you the courage to take that relationship deeper for their soul’s sake. Invite those persons into personal Bible study. You might just be surprised at their answer!

Keep thinking souls brethren.



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