Continuing Education In “Retirement”

Retired teacher Peggy of the California Acres church in Topeka, KS, meets regularly with a group of five or six other retired teacher friends.


Though several of this group are of a religious persuasion, there has been little direct conversation about spiritual topics in their get togethers until recently. Encouraged by the evangelistic training efforts of her California Acres brethren, Peggy stepped out in faith inviting the members of the group into personal Bible study. All but one accepted a personal card from her with personal contact information and an outline of obeying the gospel on it. Each receiver thanked her for the card and one accepted her invitation to study!

At this writting I am not sure whether the first study has taken place yet or not, but much fruit is already being reaped. First, Peggy is experiencing fruit in her personal faith, being strengthened in spirit to continue bold invitations to know Jesus. Secondly, her brethren at California Acres and other congregations have been encouraged to follow her example of bold invitation through her reports of such an attempt (1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1). Praise the Lord for the increase of the Kingdom of our Lord in the hearts of His people (qualitative increase)!

Take joy with me in the hope that the works of this sister and others like her offer the brotherhood, in seeing God increase His spiritual family (Quantitative increase).

Better yet, follow their example of bold proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your relationships.

Keep thinking souls!



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