Posts That Almost Got Away


Before beginning the last four hour drive of our trip from the midwest to Anaheim California, I look over a list of posts I’d have liked to have already shared. Posts evidencing the work God in the hearts of our brethren meeting as the California Acres church of Christ in Topeka KS. Posts I pray would help stir their readers – namely YOU – to like effort (Hebrews 10:24).

Though I do not have time to post these in detail, because I am sure the work in Anaheim will provide more to post than I can manage, I will share them as snippets. Be encouraged, be filled with thanksgiving, be moved to let God work through you to reach the lost in your life:


While at work Charles K. had work with installers. Responding to one installers suggesting that physical health was the thing to be prized most in life, Charles commented that a saving relationship with God was to be even more prized. One installer agreed. The other sluffed it off. What might God do with the thoughts Charles introduced to these two men?


During one of California Acres personal work sharing times before midweek class, Helen C. shared her desire to learn the We Care New Testament gospel presentation scriptures. Poised and ready for opportunities that would present themselves. Do you suppose God will honor such preparation with opportunity? Absolutely! The opportunities are already there. Helen will just prepare herself to take greater advantage of them!

Are you prepared to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others? Do you memorize scripture with the souls of others in mind?

Upon the sudden death of a grown son in an automobile accident, a sister at California Acres voiced that it further reinforced, for her, people’s need to hear and obey the gospel of Christ. That it also inforced brethren’s need, including her own, to share said gospel with them. Her son was not a Christian!

“It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, because that is the end of every man, and the living  takes it to heart.” Ecclesiastes 7:2

David E. jogs regularly. At the encouragement of brethren to confess Christ more as part of their personal evangelistic growth, David began greeting fellow joggers with spiritual comments like, “God bless you,” and “The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful day.” These greetings caused one jogger to stop and converse a bit. To David’s dismay, neither of them had paper or pen to exchange contact information for further spiritual discussion and study. David said he intended never to let that happen again.

How could you include a profession of your faith in Jesus Christ through your fitness?

Sister Marry, visiting from another Topeka congregation, stated that she never thought about what she does as evangelism. As a hair dresser Marry participates in conversations with her customers. Many of these conversations take on a personal nature with spiritual overtones. With the urging of the brethren at California Acres Marry has been encouraged build from her confession of Christ with her clients, to invitation them to know Him further.

Marry is already shining as a light on a hill (Matthew 5:14-16) in her clients lives. If she is willing, she can take these relationships deeper, by inviting them to know even better the God they mention.

Are you the a light of Christ in the lives of those who know you? Maybe you did not realize that you’ve already begun an evangelistic process with those in your life. Ask God to help you take these relationships to the next level by inviting them to consider the gospel of Jesus with you.

Time has run out to share more. Perhaps another post.

Take these examples of God using His children to heart. Accept your responsibility as a Christian to proclaim the excellencies of God to others and make the most of every opportunity with outsiders. And follow their example as they follow Christ!

Be inspired to think souls!


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