Italian Cream Soul

Last Tuesday as part of the celebration of my birthday, the family bought me an Italian Cream cake from Ralph’s supermarket. Yumm!


Having only eaten three pieces, we determined to offer it to our neighbors.

Arriving at a familiar neighbor’s just five or six campers up the street from us, the cake was rejected because of the coconut it contained. Before being able to walk further up the street to another neighbor, the first asked me my position on self defense as a Christian. His question stemmed from a sermon he recently heard which included responding to the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris.

We discussed a number of scriptures we felt shed light on the subject. Trusting the Lord for our ultimate security in either way that we went on the subject – arm oneself with a weapon for defense or remain unarmed – kept surfacing in our discussion. This presented an opportunity to discuss how we find security in Jesus – eternal security to be specific. We agreed upon every aspect of the gospel of Jesus Christ except baptism’s role in obeying it. He believed one is saved before baptism where I believe one is saved in baptism. Reading various passages, I asked him (John) what each revealed about baptism’s purpose – Mark 16:15,16, Acts 2:36-41, 1Peter 3:21, Acts 22:16. He acknowledged that each passage appeared to indicate that salvation in Jesus came in baptism rather than before. After quite a bit more conversation I encouraged John to be biblically baptized as soon as possible. Though he can acknowledge the truth of baptism being the point of the forgiveness of sins, he hesitates to lay aside his former misteaching and embrace the biblical doctrine of baptismal regeneration.

We ended our discussion with prayer and then continued on for a short time in other discussion.

I am reminded by John’s current indecision that the majority of persuasion happens in the absence of the persuader.

Please pray for John to find the understanding and humility to accept and obey a biblical view of baptism.

Who might you share “cake” with for their soul’s sake?

Not to worry, another neighbor unfamiliar to me, came by and received the Italian Cream 🙂

Keep thinking souls!


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