Be like…

Back in the haydays of NBA superstar Michael Jordan, there was a Gatorade commercial encouraging people to “Be like Mike.” I wonder how well the ad affected Gatorade sales.  Apparently it stuck in my head.

Long before Gatorade or Michael Jordan, Jesus Christ was encouraging people to be like someone else, a Samaritan in a parable who showed love to his “neighbor.” Luke 10:25-37

On our way to the west coast, from Topeka Kansas, we encountered traveling difficulties – extended repair delays to our camper suspension, malfunctioning camper lights, thrown tire tread causing wheelwell, body and water line damage on camper. Other difficulties were added to these as we went further down the road.


At our first stop soon after the incident with our tire (while still trying to address problems created), a woman came over to us at a truck stop requesting a wrench and jack. She and the people with her were having mechanical troubles of their own. Though buisy with our issues, we lent them the items they requested.


After getting our own issues in order, I went over and attempted to help them with theirs. Sorry to say I was of little help, though I was able to offer them encouragement in the Lord. After YouTubing some videos on installing brake roters, I announced that I was a Christian. I gave each of the three of them my personal gospel card (pictured above) and offered to pray for them. Each accepted both. After only a little more discussion, and invitation to contact me, I gathered my tools and bid them farewell.

Earlier this week (nearly four weeks later), I received a call from the woman who originally requested tools from us – Judy. She said she had been going theough some of her papers from that trip and came across my card. She filled me in on how things have gone for her since that encounter. We spoke about her situation in life and her family and her faith. We encouraged one another to keep seeking and serving the Lord.

Our hope is to become friends on Facebook and continue the friendship. Please pray that our interactions will serve to encourage one another in our walks with God.

Even when we have our own buisness to attend to, let us remember the souls’ around us need for the Lord.

As we think about souls in our daily walk with God, let’s remember to be like the good Samaritan. Loving our “kneighbors” enough do them good and point them to Jesus.

If you do not feel you have time to share much about Jesus with them immediately, consider exchanging contact information. And while you are at it, why not share God’s plan for salvation.


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