Evangelist Report: September – December 2015

Hello church. I trust this finds each of you well equipped and encouraged in your service to our Lord.

I am writing from Anaheim, CA. Our family returned to Anaheim in the second half of November 2015.

The work done in Topeka the months of August through November proved fruitful. Some of the benefits brethren there report are: gaining greater confidence in sharing the gospel, receiving needed evangelistic tools and training in how to use them, growth in awareness of opportunities and personal responsibility to share the gospel, greater spiritual conversations among members, more intentional evangelistic thinking as a congregation and more prayer for such efforts. In three months brethren participating in the evangelistic efforts of the California Acres church in Topeka, KS, initiated intentional spiritual contact with at least fifty people in their community. Some fourteen of those resulted in studies, with something like twelve souls being studied with before my departure. From these, one soul was added to the body of Christ and several others were confirmed to be Christians but unfaithful to an assembly. A number of the forty contacts represent continued relationships that have the potential of turning into Bible studies in the future. Please pray that the progress these brethren have made in their personal and corporate evangelistic spirit and efforts will wax hot and result in much fruit for the Kingdom!

Arriving back in Anaheim I have been encouraged to observe brethren still engaged in the work I left to them back in July. Internet studies implemented in December of 2014 are still producing students. A door hanger campaign has been initiated. At least one personal study continues and a new brother has been added to the Anaheim congregation – William Kheirandish. Contacts made before my departure for Topeka are also now being followed up on, and new contacts are being made.

The organization and leadership of the Anaheim church grows stronger as they regroup from losing their eldership not too awful long ago. This takes some adjusting. There is vision for the future and plans for the present which include reaching the lost. I look forward to reporting on the fruit we anticipate God producing through our efforts in the near future. Thank you for your contributions to this work. Your prayer are appreciated.

The Lord be with each of you.

Jeff Yost

#660-988-4912; Honor4God@gmail.com; jeffyostthinksouls.wordpress.com


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