Daily Tasks

I just came from doing a transaction at a bank.


The visit was only about five minutes. The dividends are eternal (Gal. 6:9,10). I pray the fruit may be also.

While at the counter the clerk asked me about how I was and if I was working. I told her I and that I was working. I wish that I had told her that I was well blessed.

I did share with her that I had just come away from an enjoyable conversation about the Lord with two of my neighbors. Then asked if she was a believer. She asked in what. I said in Jesus. She said she was Catholic. I pulled out a personal card designed by the church inviting people to study the Bible online, wrote my phone number on the back and encouraged her to check it out. I wish I had also jotted my name. I told her that the study was designed for students to go at their own pace and that she would have a study helper to interact with to whatever degree she desired.

She thanked me. I said God bless you and left.

What will come of it? I can say already that it blessed my walk with God. I feel spiritually stronger for having confessed faith in Jesus and more likely to do it again today. It further heightened my awareness of the souls around me and their need for Jesus. It set the stage for more spiritual conversation in future visits.

What it did for her and others who witnessed it, only God can really know. Though, it did give her an opportunity to confess faith in Jesus and contemplate study of God’s word.

What kind of eternal dividends and fruit might your daily tasks present opportunity for? Do them with a focus on serving God and blessing other’s souls and see.

The Lord be with you.


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