Not Enough Hours…

Have you ever felt like there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish everything you “needed” to? There have been many days over my the last forty-two years of my life that I have felt this way. At times even frustrated with just how much I could not accomplish.

In the last couple of years however, I’ve begun considering that I might be thinking unfaithfully about time, when I feel this way. After all, God in His unlimited power and infinite wisdom created time with its “evening and morning” each day (Genesis 1). He apparently gave us the amount of time necessary to accomplish the activities He intends for us each day. To think faithfully about my daily activities then, I should not think I need more hours in a day to accomplish all that I hope to. Instead my need is to chose those activities most valuable in accomplishing my Creator’s purpose for giving me the hours He has each day.

Here in lies the potential rub. To use what hours I have been given each day most faithfully, I must spend TIME learning God’s will. Apparently, this is how God intends us to use part of our day (Rom. 12:1,2). Actually more accurately, it is how we are to think while choosing each activity throughout our day.

So how do I find enough time to grow in my personal walk with God, keep my household, build up the church, reach the lost and make a living? Answer: by seeking activities that incorporate these various aspects of life into any given activity. Instead of considering each or any of these as separate works to accomplish each day, I need to consider each of them as a lifestyle I am to live. A purpose I have in every activity I engage in. Many of my posts on this blog include examples of this type of incorporation of activities with an emphasis on sharing the saving message of Jesus with the lost. We must remember that our search for the most effective and biblically balanced lifestyle, is a life long work of regular adjustments to our priorities and activities.

Two activities I have recently incorporated into my day, not to gain more hours but to improve my stewardship of each hour I’ve been given are:

1. Fasting over lunch. Using this time and my physical discomfort throughout the second half of the day to pray and reflect on various aspects of living for God and reaching the lost

2. Walking somewhere for one hour of excercise, while seeking to be aware of those around me for the purpose of greeting them with a spiritual greeting. Praying for their salvation, watching for any assistance they may need and being willing to engage them in conversation that incorporates issues of faith should the opportunity present itself.

You have all the hours you need each day to accomplish all that God intends for you. Consider how to incorporate various aspects of your duties before God, including evangelism, into each thing you do. Don’t think of evangelism so much as a separate activity to accomplish each day, but rather as a lifestyle to live that prevades all you do.


One thought on “Not Enough Hours…

  1. Hi Jeff,
    May God bless you as you ‘sort out’ your spiritual walk. It seems like you have a pretty good grasp of what it takes. We all continue to ‘learn’ and be filled with the fruit of righteousness. Hope you and your family are doing well.


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