Jeff Yost’s Evangelist Report January – February 2016

Hello brethren.


Anaheim brethren in a weekly Wednesday afternoon Bible study. Left to right: Jeff Yost, William Kheirandish and David Norris

I pray this report finds each of you aware of the souls around you and their need for the forgiveness and justification of Jesus Christ. I pray also for your willingness to be used by God to help meet their need.

As I write, your Anaheim brethren endeavor to pray for one another’s evangelistic efforts, and yours as well. Prompted by our midweek class on evangelistic reinforcement through prayer, we have committed ourselves to try and pray for the evangelistic efforts of brethren at least once a day. One might think this would be a given among Christians, but I believe conversation with brethren of any congregation would likely reveal a need for encouragement in this area.

Also as I write, the seed of the Kingdom – the gospel message of Jesus Christ – is being cast broadly in and from Anaheim. Today’s stats of Anaheim’s internet studies are thirty-three registrations with eight active students being taught by four local brethren. Other sowing efforts include one active weekly conversion Bible study, an active weekly community outreach study and at least fourteen active hopefuls. At Anaheim “hopefuls” are souls we have made contact with whom we have or are attempting to share the gospel with. These numbers may not accurately reflect the actual numbers of our current hopefuls. The reason being our active encouragement to intentionally identify souls around us and their need for the gospel as we go about our daily routines in the community. As part of this effort we are also encouraging one another to develop a personal top ten list of people we plan to pursue with an invitation to obedience to the gospel. Surely our intentional awareness and focus on our top ten increases our potential to add to our seed sowing numbers daily. And these represent only those whom we are attempting to focus on with direct invitations. It is impossible to put a figure to the untold multitudes of souls God is working on through all Christians’ godly examples.

February 2016 brought a new member to the Anaheim assembly – William Kheirandish (pictured above). Since identifying with Anaheim, local brethren have been actively leading William through a series of Bible studies hosted at different members houses as part of discipling efforts. He reports benefiting from these interchanges. We celebrate our gains in workers, but also lament our losses over the past couple of years, due to relocations and change of membership – just part of the life of a congregation.

First and fourth Sunday outreaches continue with some emphasis on following up on a continuing door hanger effort that began last year.

With the relatively recent absence of elders at the Anaheim congregation, the men have decided to begin men’s meetings followed by congregational informational meetings. We are still feeling our way through how best to navigate these temporary circumstances.

My work with the Wilmington brethren in Watts, CA, has been on hold these last couple of months due mostly to my daily struggle with chronic fatigue. I feel at this time that it takes all the energy I have to keep up with the work in Anaheim. I pray I will be able to be active with them again in the future.

Reports of fruit in the work of the California Acres brethren meeting in Topeka, KS, this past summer are a continued source of encouragement. Emails from these brethren report continued pursuit of Bible studies with their Topeka neighbors. Evangelistic efforts begun while with them continue and efforts planned for have been initiated. It is a great blessing as an evangelist to see the work a congregation is helped to strengthen, continue strong in one’s absence.

God be with each of you to grant you the power to do all the good things your faith prompts you to do.

Thank you for your participation in the work God is doing through my service as an evangelist.

Love in Christ,

Jeff Yost

660-988-4912 cell blog


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