Subway: Speak Fresh

Some time ago now Charles Fry and I  scheduled a meeting at a Subway. Moments before meeting each other in the parking lot a man rolled up to me on a bicycle asking for money. I refused him money and attempted to put him off, but he continued to speak to me.  After some brief chit chat about our situations in life and Charles arrival, we invited the man, whom we’ll call Tod, to eat with us. We tied Tod’s bike in the back of my pickup and went inside. Three subs, three drinks, a bag of chips and a table later, the three of us were eating our sandwhiches and discussing Tod’s situation in life.



After learning the circumstances leading to Tod’s homelessness, which he shared “enthusiastically”, Charles and I attempted to introduce him to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Tod listened politely, read the passages out loud and seemed to discuss them with us honestly, though not without a tendency to veer off topic. 

The discussion ended with Tod’s final bites of his sandwhich. An invitation to continue discussion was offered and received. A time and place to meet the following day was set up, with the added commitment of providing Tod a ride to his mother’s to get a few things.

Tod and I stepped outside to get him his bike. After Tod left, I went back in where Charles and I discussed the encounter.

The next day, the time and place for Tod and I to meet came and went with a no show on his part.

Though I have never seen Tod again, I pray his encounter with the gospel of Jesus Christ and enterchange with two of its converts to Christ, lend to his acceptance and obedience one day.

Needless to say, the plans Charles and I had for our time together were greatly interupted – the plans of mice and men. The time we spent together with Tod however was of great value! Two brothers “thrust” into a presentation of the gospel by the persistent benevolent request of another. We were blest for it, I trust God was glorified, and all who may have heard, in addition to Tod, positively influenced from the testimony of God’s word shared.

I hope that there are times you are open to interruptions in your best laid plans, for the sake of making the most of opportunities to share the good news of forgiveness and salvation in Jesus with others.

Keep thinking souls.



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