H2O And Living Water

First and fourth Sundays of every month, Christians meeting for Bible study and worship at 1759 B, Orange Avenue, Anaheim, California, get together afterwards to share Christ with their community.

This first Sunday of March, Fred, William and I ate lunch together then ventured into Chaparrell Park boardering the meeting house parking lot. Armed with bottles of cold water, Bibles, door hangers disctributed in the area months before, and a willingness to be used by God to share Christ with others, we headed out.


Left to right: Jeff, William and Fred

Over the next hour and a half our distribution of three or four bottles of water aided our interchanges with nine people, five of whom we were able to briefly share the gospel of Jesus Christ with. None of these committed to further study with us, though a couple voiced interest in the possibility of studying with us onlinine at Bible101.worldbibleschool.com.  Two others were open to follow up on a We Care new testament we shared with them which contains a gospel study built in.

Returning from the park, a sister meeting with us at 1759 B, joined us for a time of reporting.

Kingdom seed was sown, brethren strengthened in the work and contacts with new hopefuls were made. A well spent couple of hours.

Think about dedicating some of your time each month to get together with brethren from your regular assembly to meet people in the neighborhood. Take a bit of H2O with you and use it as a segway into talking about the living water promised by Jesus to all those who put their faith in Him (John 7:37-38). Or just take it with you to keep hydrated as you share the good news of Jesus in whatever way works for you. All involved will find a blessing in it.

Keep thinking souls!



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